Where can I get more detailed information on the club and the programs?

You can download our Program Guide from here: Info Guide

How do I know if freestyle is the right program for my child?

If your child has mastered the skiing fundamentals and has a desire to learn how to ski the whole mountain, including moguls and the terrain park features freestyle skiing is a good fit and we probably have a program at the right level for your youngster. A typical freestyle skier is often a natural risk taker and while every risk is calculated and under the supervision of qualified coaches, these risks should be within their comfort zone. The child should also have a desire to ski with a group, listen to coaches, improve and most importantly, have fun! Calabogie Peaks Freestyle does, however, assess each new child at the beginning of the season to ensure the program is a good fit. Some of the things we look for in terms of ability are being able to at least ski snowplow, start and stop on their own, keep up with the group while skiing under control, and ability to get on the chairlift independently and ride it safely. We also will ask the child if they have interest (now or in the future) of learning the previously mentioned aspects of freestyle skiing.

What do I need for equipment?

Every athlete needs skis, boots, poles, a helmet, and goggles.

  • Core layer (long underwear top and bottom)
  • Mid layers (sweaters, sweatshirts, vests, weather depending)
  • Ski socks
  • Snow pants
  • Good/warm jacket
  • Warm gloves/mittens (hand warmers and foot warmers recommended)
  • Neck-up – Very important to cover the face to prevent frost bite/wind burn – DRESS FOR THE WEATHER!!
  • It is recommended to pack extra clothing in a backpack to leave in the lodge
  • Helmet:  Choose a helmet that fits properly. Helmet and goggles should both fit together allowing no space between the helmet and the goggles. When purchasing a helmet or goggles be sure to bring its counterpart to ensure the correct fit!
  • Ski Boots: Please pick a pair of boots that are not too stiff, athletes need to be able to flex the boot in order to achieve good body position and ski control. Boots are meant to be snug but still have some degree of comfort.
  • Skis and Poles

There are many ski options, from bump to park to all mountain, but generally speaking a soft-flex, freestyle-type ski is recommended. Freestyle skiers typically mount their binding center-mounted or ½ between center and traditional, but that’s dependent on the ski, the skier and the binding. Consult your local ski shop or coach for specifics. Mogul skiing & park require somewhat shorter poles than general all-mountain skiing: look for a 110 degree bend at the elbow instead of the traditional 90. There is usually an equipment night early season at a local retailer that will allow you to look at all of the options.

Should my child’s skis be tuned?

Yes!! OK…you’re right, we hit rails and boxes and dull our edges quickly. That doesn’t mean our skis shouldn’t be tuned. A properly waxed base and tuned edge will allow athletes to maintain their speed into features and lock in edges in the icy conditions we so often encounter on the east coast. Tuning is simple at home with the right tools, or your local ski shop can provide this service. Skis used more than one season should be professionally stone ground and tuned up, consult your local ski shop.

What happens if my child gets cold?

Please remember to have your child dressed appropriately for the day’s weather, and dressed in layers! We will occasionally take a break to warm up, especially on frigid days. Athletes are welcome to have a snack or drink during these breaks.

Where/when do I drop off and pick up my child?

Athletes meet their coach in front of the lodge towards the Solar lift.   The programs start promptly at 9:00am on Saturdays and Sundays (for competitive team athletes).   Please arrive at least 5 minutes early with each athlete ready to go (dressed, booted up, skis on) so we may have a prompt departure. We arrive back to the lodge at 11:30 for lunch (**exact time will vary on a coach by coach basis), and head back out at 12:30. We’ll finish the day back at the lodge at 3:00. Please be prepared to meet your child at that time.

I’d like to talk to a coach before training starts or at lunch, where are they?

Awesome!! We’re happy to talk to you!  The best place to meet your child’s coach is during pick up and drop off. Myles Adam is the head coach and he will be at the lodge most mornings to handle questions. Please be respectful of the coaches and other families trying to depart on time when you try to grab a coach for questioning.

Does Calabogie Peaks Freestyle feed my child at lunch?

No. Lunch is the responsibility of the child and parent(s); Athletes are on their own during this time usually eating lunch with friends and family in the lodge (also a good opportunity to come ask questions of any of the coaches!) Many families choose to eat together in the lodge, while some go to Black Donald’s. Our recommendation especially for new families is to eat together in the lodge to get to know our big happy family! Often times, we may take breaks throughout the day. Please prepare your athlete with snacks or money to buy snacks. As coaches, we will work to ensure that the kids are making healthy choices, and as such, we will discourage candy/sweets. Prepare your kids for this.

What happens if there is inclement weather?

We ski!  In cases of extreme cold, or where the club feels that there is unacceptable risk, other activities such as video training may be added, but coaching activities will continue.  In all cases, skier safety and fun are always our primary goals.

Can I come ski with the group?

Generally speaking, no. More often than not having a parent or other family around is distracting to the athletes and unproductive for the group. You are more than welcome to watch from afar and cheer on your child from the chairlift!

Is my child allowed to bring a friend to ski with the group?

We do allow and encourage children to try out the program on designated ‘bring a friend day’. At other times however, our athletes are here for training and as such they are often better skiers than their friends from home. It will be up to the discretion of the coaches working to ascertain if the guests are capable of keeping up with the program.

Does my child need any special licenses?

For most programs your athlete should be a CFSA registered athlete. Have a look at the details of each program to determine the specific licensing requirements. Please visit http://freestyleski.com/ to register your child prior to skiing with the team.

What if my athlete is hurt, has allergies, special medications, etc. ?

In case of skiing accidents, coaches will stay with injured athletes until a parent or guardian arrives. Coaches will act as guardian, accompany athletes to first aid, hospital, fill out accident reports, etc. until the parent or guardian arrives. Please notify coaches if athletes have any special allergies/medications/conditions as well as provide proper instructions as well as the means to care for the athlete in case of an incident. While it’s not a requirement, we strongly encourage at least one member of the family to be on mountain throughout the ski day. Should an emergency arise with a child, or if weather creates a problem for the program, we will text parents the details.  Please ensure that your registration information includes the number of a cel phone you’ll have with you at the hill.

My athlete is having a hard time, and/or I have further questions, comments or concerns.

Communication is open between athletes, parents and coaches. Please notify the Head Coach Myles Adam if there are any questions, comments or concerns. We will do our best to address these and improve the situation. Anything brought to us will be kept confidential. Please confide in your coaches!

Will my child be filmed?

Calabogie Peaks Freestyle will use any number of photographic tools to assist in the coaching of the athletes. As such, your child may be filmed and that footage used on the website. Likewise, we will be filming for coaching purposes. Many kids have GoPros or other personal cameras. The team will encourage the use of these and the sharing of footage for coaching purposes. However, at times we will discourage the use of these so as to prevent them from becoming a distraction for the athlete and the group.

Will my athlete be skiing in the woods?

There are many glades (tree-skiing) areas at Calabogie Peaks. Athletes will be encouraged to ski areas that are suitable for their skill sets. We will take measure to prevent athletes from skiing areas that the coaching staff feels they are ill-prepared.

Is it mandatory to attend training camps?

It is optional for all Bumps and Jumps, Freestylerz and Comp team athletes to attend training camp. However, it is strongly recommended that athletes choosing to compete in early season competitions to be ready and should attend early season training camp.